Our People, Contributors, Advocates, Ambassadors And Collaborations


Graham Vanbergen

Graham has a wealth of experience and connections in the property industry that includes extensive involvement in the Private Rented Sector working with institutional investors and government agencies. He was a board member of one of the world’s largest financial services institutions that owned and operated a considerable property portfolio throughout the UK. Graham is also a columnist for the European Financial Review World Financial Review and founder/contributing editor of TruePublica/NewsPublica with collaborative media partnerships with organisations such as UN (United Nations). Withing the ERC, Graham will focus on housing, the housing crisis, household/personal debt and poverty.


Eugene – Webmaster

Eugene, of Century Sun Studios is our lead designer and all-round webmaster. With over 10yrs experience in all things media related, he brings a wide range of tools and skills with him. As a part-time university lecturer, Eugene enjoys teaching the new age of designers, animators and directors.