EQUITY Research Centre is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which is focused on one of the UK’s greatest social and political challenges of our time – the destructive ideology of neoliberalism and the effect it has on civil society.



We will provide a platform which brings relevant non-partisan parties together in order to shape, expand the scope of the debate, educate the public and present new ideas to the powers that be, in both the political and corporate environment to ensure changes are made to protect all UK citizens.


Our aim is to highlight the situation we find ourselves in. We are particularly concerned with the incoherent and ad hoc policies adopted by governments – both Labour and Conservative, as well as some corporations, to further their own agendas which risks undermining a cohesive, civic society through the ideology of profit before people.

This situation destabilizes our democracy and creates a vacuum where divisive elements rise and more extreme politics and policies become the norm. A significant section of our society now feels threatened in all areas of their lives.

We will inform those in positions of power via in-depth investigative research, studies and events and through fact-based, unbiased reporting, with the aim of exposing systemic wrongs and spark change.





Right now, the issue of inequality, discriminations and injustice is more vital than ever. Our whole society, and therefore, our democracy is under threat. Your support is needed to ensure this existential issue gets the necessary focus.

EQUITY Research Centre relies on donations from pioneering foundations and individuals who know the value of a cohesive society in which all citizens are active stakeholders.

We welcome donations from foundations, non-governmental organizations, and individuals, and accept one-off grants, or ongoing support, either for specific projects or for the entirety of our work.

Editorial independence is guaranteed by our constitution. ERC’s managing editor’s decision is final and independent of any influence from our funders.

You will help us to continue our work in this crucial area. Donate today. If you want to speak to someone about supporting ERC, please contact



EQUITY Research Centre is an independent, not-for-profit organisation.

Our aim is to ensure that all issues related to inequality, discrimination and injustice, both problems and solutions- reach as many people as possible.

We want other people and organizations to make use of our work, and we’ll do everything we can to help them do so. All we ask is that we are properly credited.

Unless otherwise stated our articles and press releases can be republished without charge under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0. This allows you to copy, distribute and transmit our work for non-commercial purposes. It does not allow you to alter, transform or build on our work without prior consent.

ERC must be credited early in the coverage and link provided to our version of the article or press release.

Photographs and video cannot be republished without specific permission from the license holder and our work cannot be sold separately.