About Us

EQUITY Research Centre is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which is focused on one of the UK’s greatest social and political challenges of our time – the decline of civil liberty and the destructive consequences it has on civil society. 


At the EQUITY Research Centre, we will provide a platform for relevant researchers, academics, specialists, experts and those with experience to help shape, expand the scope of the debate, educate the public and present new ideas to the powers that be, in both the political and corporate environment.

We will research and publicly report the situation we find ourselves in.

This situation continues to destabilize our democracy and the institutions that support civil society. Moderate political thinking has been abandoned and created a vacuum where divisive elements rise and more extreme politics and policies become the norm. Over the years, this has manifested itself as Brexit and after a decade of extreme neoliberal forces, fashioned as an economic policy by way of ‘austerity’ – a significant proportion of our society now feels threatened in all areas of their lives.

We will inform those in positions of power via in-depth investigative research, studies, events and through fact-based, unbiased reporting, with the aim of exposing systemic wrongs with an ultimate purpose to spark change.

Our research will culminate in an annual Public Equity Index report – the first in Britain. It will report primarily on areas such as the state of health, welfare, education, housing, social care, inequality, poverty, debt, discrimination, democracy and injustice and measure them against their Western peers.